Q: My print has become much darker unlike what i see on my monitor/smartphone/tablet!

A: Smartphones, tablets or simple monitors can't be hardware calibrated. These are for just everyday things like internet browsing and not for Photo Editoring to print.

High quality monitors used in prepress from EIZO, NEC, etc. are regularly hardware calibrated for correct color reproduction.

The setting in almost all cases are:

5000-5500 Kelvin
1.8 gamma
White luminance 110-130

Those setting correlate in most cases what printers print out. Monitor Screens are also backlit of course and there may be slight deviations in dark prints on matte paper.

Therefore, always assume that your images are "too bright" at home. Brighten them them up a bit or ask when ordering if the brightness is ok. Of course, we can not say in all cases whether it fits or not. Graphic motifs are difficult, photographs are better to judge.

Q: My print arrived rolled, but I ordered flat!

A: We reserve the right to decide what is best for the print. Especially when it is shipped to prevent damage. All our materials also come from the roll. This means that after printing and cutting, a curvature is always there. This is a procedure that can take more than a week. It is therefore not a reason for complaint.

Q: But it said production time is 3 working days?

A: The day you order is not the same as the production day, it is already planned with current orders. For example, if you order a FineArt print on a Monday, which usually takes 3 working days, it will be done to Thursday.

Sometimes we are faster, the order situation is relaxed or something is postponed, you can call a day or a few hours before and ask if it is already ready.

Q: My print is 29.9 x 39.9 cm, but I ordered 30 x 40 cm!

A: We have a cutting tolerance of 1-2 mm all around. Picture frames often have a tolerance of 4-5 mm which are covered by the frame. So even if the picture is minimally smaller, the frame has enough clearance without flashing.

If you need special dimensions, you must specify it with.




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