Preparing your files

File format:

for designing in our editor: tiff, jpg, pdf

direct transmission (upload-Modul, wetransfer, Dropbox, E-Mail, downloadlink): tiff, psd, bmp, jpg, pdf, ai, png, eps

Notice: If you want to edit in advance of your image on your computer and you have received a jpg file, then you should always backup as tiff before editing. The JPG format compresses image information for each new store. This leads to data loss and thus the quality & auml; tsverschlechterung. For the subsequent delivery but you should save your image as a jpg for performance reasons again, but then please with max. Quality / Factor 12th

Formats and sizes:

Please put your files in the Size or Scale you would like them to be. If you answered the Question "Are your files already in Print Size?" with "Yes" but your files arent, we will charge you with the 5 € you tried to avoid - unless you send ready to print size.


For Dibond and Metallprint the bleed is 3-6 mm depending on the size and unavoidable.

Bleed on Paper prints are around 1-2 mm.

DPI for Paperprints are 300 dpi. Canvas, Wallpaper and everything related to advertisement Materials are 150 dpi.

For more In-depth please go to our Main Website: >xl-digitaldruck<

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