Wallpaper print on non-woven wallpaper

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Print sample on non-woven wallpaper by ERFURT
Print sample of your own picture on wallpaper of your choice, resolution: 1200 dpi, amount: 0,25 gsm
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 Design your own file online in our Editor Wallpaper print on non-woven wallpaper Wallfleece, surface: semimatte, smooth

This non-woven wallpaper has a smooth, almost matt surface and is flame-retardant with EN 13501-1 certification. The standard printed material width is 140 cm. The wide wallpaper strip reduces the number of seams and allows faster installation, which is particularly important for professionals. The high grammage of 220 gsm compensates for wall unevenness much better than lighter photomurals, which are often only around 150 gsm.

- smooth, semi-matt surface
- Width 140 cm (max. 149 cm a.A.), weight 220 g/sqm
- printed in 1440 dpi and up to 8 colors
- Waterproof and brilliantly colored print with very good durability
- Flame-retardant C-s1, d0 according to European standard EN 13501-1
- free from PVC and plasticizers
- Stable and high-quality wallpaper that is easy to install

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Wallpaper print on non-woven wallpaper "Berlin", matte, smooth

The non-woven wallpaper Berlin is a high-quality non-woven wallpaper and is characterized by high colour brilliance and dimensional stability. Thanks to its scratch resistance, the matt surface of this non-woven wallpaper is durable, even for long-term use in high-traffic areas. The non-woven wallpaper has a semi-smooth, natural-looking matt surface. The printed material width is 90 cm.

- semi-smooth natural looking almost matte surface
- width 90 cm (printed), weight 195 g/sqm
- Wide color gamut and very good color reproduction
- High opacity for good coverage
- Dimensionally stable, no dry and wet expansion
- flame retardant C-s1, d0 certified according to European standard EN 13501-1
- free from PVC and plasticizers
- FSC certificate

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 Design your own file online in our Editor Wallpaper print on FINEART non-woven wallpaper, surface: matte and smooth

High-resolution, borderless photo print on non-woven wallpaper.

With this wallpaper, the individual strips are printed with 2 cm spacing after each part on the roll. The material is difficult to glue, because not scrub resistant, only for professionals for exhibition applications!

- absolutely matt and structure-free surface
- dimensionally stable non-woven wallpaper
- max. width 60.9 cm, (due to production conditions, the roll width can also deviate by 1-2 mm from the manufacturer), weight 170 g/sqm
- solvent-free, waterproof, uv-stable pigment inks
- photo quality with 1200 dpi and up to 12 colors
- borderless printed
- free of PVC and plasticizers
- relatively sensitive surface, not abrasion resistant
- not suitable for very dark motifs


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